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Jonathan Berry
Students and parents! My name is Jonathan Berry and I will be an English teacher at WICS. I'm so looking forward to meeting you all and I'm looking forward to a great school year!
Miko Oyakawa
Hello! My name is Miko Oyakawa and I am an English teacher at WICS. I was born and raised in Canada and graduated from Lakehead University with a major in English and Education. I have a heart for missions and I'm happy to be able to serve at WICS. I look forward to working with students, staff and parents. May we all continue to walk prayerfully and joyfully as we grow deeper in Christ.
Yechan Paul Choi
Hello everyone, my name is Yechan Paul Choi. As a missionary kid from Uganda, I look forward to sharing my faith and experiences with the students at WICS. I have studied at an international school in Kenya during my middle and high school years and am sure I will be able to relate a lot with the students here. I graduated from University of the South: Sewanee in Tennessee with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. I am very excited to explore God's world with the students through Math and Science.
Monica Jeongeun Kwak
Hello, my name is Monica Jeongeun Kwak, and I am a music teacher at WICS. I was born in Korean and grew up in Japan. I graduated from Liberty University With a major in Songwriting at Virginia, USA. I hope that all of the students would understand Jesus Christ deeper through the experience we share in school life. I will try my best to help students develop qualitatively and spiritually. I would really appreciate your supportive prayers on a daily basis.
Han Jingmei
Hello everyone, my name is Han Jingmei and I am the Chinese teacher. In addition to English, this generation requires proficient skills in Chinese and the students are very passionate in learning the language. I am doing my best to make Chinese studies a major interest for the students. My goal is to make sure the students are adept in achieving level 4-5 on the New HSK and also to be able to write College-level papers in Chinese by the time they graduate high school. I hope the students will satisfy in their achievements through this process and expand their influence in society.
Harim Roh
Hello! My name is Harim Roh and I am a science teacher at WICS. I graduated from Simon Fraser University with Bachelor of Science in Health Science. Because I also graduated from an international school in Japan, I am sure that I can be a good advisor for students here. Also, I have a heart in mental health and I previously worked as a mental health worker. If you have any concerns, just come and talk to me! God bless you.
Alletha Barnett
Greetings! My name is Alletha Barnett, and I am a Math and Science teacher at WICS. I graduated from Evangel University in Missouri, USA, with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Science. I am particularly interested in deep-sea creatures like goblin sharks and sea pigs, and I look forward to teaching students to be curious and explore the natural world through hands-on experimentation.
Yukiko Sugimoto
Hello, everyone. My name is Yukiko Sugimoto. As a receptionist, I welcome all the people who come to this school with joyful heart. I am expecting God's amazing work will be done through this school.