Introduction         Elementary         Secondary         ESL
The Elementary school of WICS consists of grades1-5 and the secondary school 6-12, which is structured around a 6-8 grade middle school and a 9-12 grade high school. The curriculum of WICS is based on American education standards and includes the culture and history of Japan and its neighboring countries. After graduating from high school, all students can pursue higher education in universities in foreign countries. We have arranged English speaking admission advisors from countries such as China, Korea, and Japan.

WICS uses textbooks and supportive teaching materials based on Biblical values. We also have worship service and Bible class once a week which helps the spiritual growth of our students.

WICS runs ESL (English Secondary Language) courses for students to successfully participate in English speaking classes. This program will enable students to eventually join the regular curriculum.

We at WICS are ready to help our students to find their own talents and develop social skills by offering various group activities. Additional activities will be added according to the needs of our future students.