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Secondary School
We are very excited that you will join us in our secondary education course. Secondary education courses will be given for the goal of not only entering outstanding colleges around the world, but also forming proper Christian identity, spirituality, and personality. After completing the secondary education program, students will discover Christian self-identity and gain a vision for the world by attending colleges in not only English-speaking countries, but also other countries such as Korea, Japan and China. Individual students may be assigned area tutors for studying abroad in the future. Through the secondary curriculum, the students will have confidence in salvation and will do continuous voluntary works and cooperative projects to become responsible Christians in the world.

Parents will also educate their children by participating and supporting various programs and will check their children’s growth, so that education in family and school can be naturally connected.

Not only that, the students will indirectly experience the business sector that fits their own vision and will be likely to apply their experience in determining career choices through frequent guest lecturers from various circles.