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Spiritual Life  
WICS provides Chapel and Bible study classes once per week to every student. We require attendance at the chapel and Bible class. Though we do not restrict them to the faith, we have messages and gospels based on the Bible, Bible Study, and fellowship with Christian leaders participating actively all over the world. Through these programs, students responsible for the next generation will follow the Lord’s path and cultivate biblical values, faith, spirituality, and culture a personality for leading the world.

When we have Chapel or meetings, we hold worship. Students who are willing to volunteer and have passion for God can take responsibility as worship leaders.

In our curriculum, we use textbooks based on the Biblical standards over all subjects taught by Christian teachers. We also have a chaplain who can guide any student’s spiritual growth.

We hold small group meetings where students discuss problems that Christians face in the world and help each other learn to live responsibly. We will commit our students to volunteering at a local community to develop a proactive outlook on social work.