Greeting         Process         Credits         Tuition & Fees

Step 1
  Application Period
    Rolling admission

Step 2
  Required Documents for Acceptance
  1. WICS Application Form and Questionnaires
  2. WICS Consent Form and Health Record
  3. Copy of Passport and Residence card(Student and Guardians)
  4. School Records
  5. Copy of Private Insurance(If you insured to your child)
  6. Copy of your child’s Medical Health card (Kenko hoken sho)
  7. Residence Certificate (Jumin hyo)

Step 3
  Admission Testing
  1. Test(English, Math)
  2. Teacher Interview

Step 4
  Admission Decision
  1. Admission Decision within 10 Days
    (Acceptance/Require Further Testing / Waitlist/Denial)
  2. Tuition payment :
    Tuition must be paid within one week after admission is confirmed.

Step 5
  School Start
    Welcome to WICS!(ESL Start)